Monday, November 9, 2009

[08] Final Reflection

I think everyone has come a long way from the first lesson back in week 2 of school. From stonefaced students just sitting there listening to Christine's lectures to the friendly banter with each other now, it's really been great getting to know everyone and learning together.

There were a few less-exciting lessons, like those on letter-writing and presentation skills, which have been taught before in secondary education. I enjoyed learning about emotional quotient (EQ) and non-verbal communication, which were quite new to me (i.e. I've never learnt about them in a formal classroom setting).

I guess in a module like this, the most important thing is to practise, practise, and practise. All the concepts in the world would be useless if we didn't applied them. I daresay that the lessons (boring or not) proved useful, because I've been applying them in situations outside of class, e.g. in CCA-related correspondences with external parties.

I remember making mention of wanting to better my interpersonal relations in my first blog entry. Though I might not have perfected the necessary communication skills, I believe that with continual practice, I will only improve with time.

Here's wishing everyone all the best!


  1. I can still recall the stoned faces that you had mentioned. Not forgetting that there were also poeple who backed out from the course. I hoped they had stayed as I believed the class would have been more lively. Now that you had mentioned about the friendly banter, perhaps it might have been due to the improvement in our interpersonal interactions?

  2. Hi Jinghui,

    It's nice to know that you have been consciously applying what you have learnt from the course! For myself, despite enjoying the classes, I realise I have not really consciously applied what I have learnt in class >.< So, I'm proud of you!

    It's never easy to perfect something, so keep on going and I am sure you will do great :) It was great knowing you, though I have never really spoken to you much in or outside class. I will try to be at least half as conscientious as you in applying what I have learnt from the module :))

  3. Practice makes perfect, indeed (:
    Let us hope that together, we can apply what we have learned and become effective coomunicators! Maybe, we can share the knowledge with our friends and family. Hopefully, it helps to improve relationships, friendships, and rapports in our out of school.

    Good job on completing this module successfully and Good luck for your exams!