Monday, November 9, 2009

[07] Reflection on Oral Presentation

It wasn't entirely disastrous, though there were still many aspects that could be improved on.

I always have this nagging anxiety about forgetting my lines during a presentation, so I tend to want to have cue cards in my hand for reassurance. Perhaps I could have challenged myself by not using these cards at all. The fear of blanking out would still be there, but there would have been more eye contact with the audience, and I would have appeared more confident (provided that I really didn't blank out).

One thing I'd like to work on is the time taken for me to settle into the presentation. I still felt slightly nervous during the initial part of my section, and only relaxed more towards the end. As first impressions count a lot in such settings, it is important that we immediately come across as pleasant and self-assured when the presentation starts.

In general, the presentation went rather smoothly, and the pace was alright. We could have had more rehearsals so that we were more confident of our own sections, and of each other's. Compared to other groups, we had more visuals in our presentation slides. These visuals could have distracted the audience from the content of our presentation, but I felt they helped to make the presentation interesting. That said, the number of special effects could be decreased so that the slides were more professional-looking.

I'd also like to thank S@vvy for being such an awesome project partner, and for all his hard work. (Muchly appreciated!)


  1. Welcome Jingles. Having said that, I must comment on how nervous you were at the start of the presentation. I had the impression that you were generally confident and the last problem you could have is speaking out to an audience. Perhaps you had put too much pressure on yourself. You can try taking a deep breath before the presentation and try not to think of any horrible scenarios, such as blanking out.

  2. Dear Jinghui,

    As I have apologised to Manly Stanley, I would also like to extend my sincerest apologies for not being there to give you moral suppost. Maybe, if there were more people in the audience other than Christine, it wold have been less nerve wrecking for you. Nonetheless, it is over and I know that both you and Stanley have done the best that you can for the presentation. I would like to reassure you that you have always been able to show your confidence especially when you address a large group of people. Well, this could only help you better your delivery skills and by the time you become a teacher, you will have no problem addressing a class of 40 students! (:

  3. Hi Jingles,

    Like Fadz, we apologies for not being there as audience for your presentation ): However, judging by what Christine has commented, I believe that you guys have done a presentation much better than before. In fact, both of you strive to excel and given your talent, I'm sure you guys have done a fantastic job! :)