Monday, November 9, 2009

[06] Open Topic: Other Communication Issues

The way one communicates speaks a lot about his/her character.

I've recently had an encounter with a someone (let's call her A) who was rather direct, perhaps overly so. During a meeting, she brought up a personal issue against person B, who was also present but was greater in seniority. Although it was a passing remark and no conflict occurred between them, others there had formed a negative impression of her, simply by the one line she said to B.

The appropriateness of setting was probably a factor, but her tone played a greater role in causing others to form ideas about her character. I can't replicate the exact tone of her voice here, but the general consensus was that she appeared to be rude and had no respect for others.

Another incident in which she had to make a request also incurred the displeasure of others. While asking person C to do her a favour, she messaged C (a superior, but also someone A knows personally) in an instructional tone.

Do you think she should be told about the effect her tone has on others? If yes, how should she be told, and by whom?


  1. On reading this blog post, I have decided to write something for my blog post 6. Do read my post and give me comments. Do not be disturbed by people who do not behave as expected of all normal people. One must understand that different people possess different character and this made the world unique. Try to appreciate the person strength rather than pinpoint at her weaknesses. This will make your life better.

  2. I would...ASK her to TAKE the ES2007S module so that she will learn to express herself in a more appropriate manner (:

    But on a serious note, if there is any one person to advise her on her behaviour, it should be a close friend. It appears that she is not aware of her behaviour (unless she has something against person B) and personal attacks towards others. In this case, it would be a lot easier to be 'lectured' by someone close. Her friend should also devise a way to tell her nicely but truthfully. However, it may be impossible to avoid offending person A. After all, the truth always hurts. But if the truth can help her change her negative ways, then, why not? It will help her build a better rapport with her friends and people will stop judging her.

    Sometimes, we all need a little reminding in case we forget ourselves and show the evil in us. But with friends to keep that 'evil' dormant, there is no way we can go wrong, literally (: